About Us

Integrid strives to simplify IT solutions for small businesses and startups by reducing cost, complexity and setup times. We aim to have the sharpest pricing available in the market, without requiring our customers to sign minimum contract terms for most services. We've taken the guess work out of IT infrastructure by providing every customer with direct access to an account manager and network engineer that understand your business and its needs. Integrid is everything that you could want from your IT provider, all in one affordable, flexible package.

With every service, we offer:

  • 24/7 technical support from our expert team
  • A dedicated Australian account manager to ensure your project's success
  • Direct escalation channels to our management team
  • A wide range of self-management tools

AU & NZ Anycast network

100% uptime SLA

Cloud & on-net DDoS protection

8 peering exchanges

International Anycast network

Intergrid operates an Anycast network across Australia and New Zealand for maximum reliability and performance. All customer prefixes are originated from our Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Auckland points of presence, with high-speed intercapital backhaul providing automatic network failover between cities, and low-latency interstate bandwidth.

100% Uptime SLA

We've built our network for reliability - all of our datacentres are interconnected by high-speed intercapital fibre with automatic failovers in the event of an upstream outage. As a result, we guarantee the reliability of our network - all IP transit services are backed by our 100% network uptime SLA.

Blended Tier 1 transit

We blend the best upstream IP transit from Vocus, Equinix Connect, and soon NTT. We have dual-path redundant connections to our upstreams in each on-net facillity. Moreover, we also connect to major peering exchanges - IX Australia's NSW-IX, VIC-IX, WA-IX and AKL-IX, in addition to Megaport's MegaIX in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Auckland.

DDoS protection

We protect your customers and users from inbound DDoS attacks with blended cloud-based mitigation technologies and on-net appliances. We utilise scrubbing centres in Los Angeles and Amsterdam to analyse and mitigate attacks originating from overseas, while Australian and New Zealand traffic is analysed locally with on-net NSFocus appliances. Easily view and manage attacks through your Intergrid portal.

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