About Us

Integrid strives to simplify server hosting and data management for SMEs and corporate clients.

We offer:

  • 24/7 technical support from our expert team
  • A dedicated account manager to ensure your project's success
  • Regulatory compliance and data management consultancy
  • A wide range of self-management tools

Diverse AU & NZ network

100% uptime SLA

Cloud & on-net DDoS protection

8 peering exchanges

International AU & NZ Network

Intergrid operates a diverse network across 7 jurisdictions in Australia and New Zealand, maximising content delivery performance and regulatory compliance requirements for clients. All 7 of Intergrid's datacentres are interconnected ith high-speed intercapital fibre links for high-availability and disaster-recovery projects.

100% Uptime SLA

We've built our network for reliability - all of our datacentres are interconnected by high-speed intercapital fibre with automatic failovers in the event of an upstream outage. As a result, we guarantee the reliability of our network - all IP transit services are backed by our 100% network uptime SLA.

Blended Tier 1 transit

We blend the best upstream IP transit from Vocus, Superloop and Cogent. We have dual-path redundant connections to our upstreams in each on-net facillity. Moreover, we also connect to major peering exchanges - IX Australia's NSW-IX, VIC-IX, WA-IX and AKL-IX, in addition to Megaport's MegaIX in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Auckland.

DDoS protection

We protect your customers and users from inbound DDoS attacks with blended cloud-based mitigation technologies and on-net appliances. We utilise scrubbing centres internationally to analyse and mitigate attacks originating from overseas, while Australian and New Zealand traffic is analysed locally with on-net NSFocus appliances.

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